Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our family grew a tiny bit. 
Have a look!

We named this not so small fur baby Goku because I noticed that he sounds like a little monkey. 
So he got the name of Son Goku, the japanese version of Sun Wukong, this very old mythical monkey king from China. Since we both are fans of Dragonball this matches even better. 
He is 8 months old now.


Well, but things didn't stayed that harmonic between them both. After 4 or 5 days of a relaxed 
new family life Hamlet started to bully little Goku who didn't know what was going on. He had 
to go back into his "safe-room" and there he still is every night and when we are not at home. 
If we can't convince Hamlet in the next two weeks that Goku is a cool guy we will have to give 
him back, with a really heavy heart...

Fortunately Goku is a sunnyboy who forgets pretty fast that Hamlet was mean to him and then 
he plays and cuddles like crazy. And he also loves to watch movies with us

So wish us luck with this. He is way too cute to let him go!

+ 670 EP for Zookeeping

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter is here. The news warned that it will be a very harsh one and that everyone should 
get prepared. Well, I guess that means staying inside, drinking hot chocolate, playing games 
and ...... learning french.
We already had two power breakdowns and we covered all our windows in plastic foil. 
That seems to be very common here....

Well, that was some days before Christmas!

But I don't care too much about the cold and so I was at an indoor shooting area for air guns 
(which is just at the other side of the street) and we made a funny beer trip to the "Beau's Brewery".

And my crafting streak struck again!
I bought this stuff

And after some hard work and many blisters...

 became this!

And I decided to participate at the Artwar contest from Cubebrush. 
You can take a look at my stuff here: 

Oh, and on the quiet I became Level 28!

So, since I'm pretty sure that I will not post that much in winter I wanted to point to the 
great Montreal-blog. If you are new here, or you need some tips for a short visit or you already 
live here since a while but your ideas for freetime activities run out, this is the site to go. 
It's always up to date and primful with insider tips. I'm so happy that I found it so soon. 
Just click the following link and be prepared for so many places you want to visit then. 

Merry belated Christmas!

                                                                                we couldn't find a nice star for the peak...

+ 520 EP for Handcraft
+ 60 EP for Exploration

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

And somehow we managed not to see a bunch of reddish-golden trees. 
And we didn't saw just one halloween costume.
I don't know how that could happen......

But at least we took a look at the "Garden of lights" installation in the botanical garden. 

                                                                                   thats me in a bell

In the chinese part we saw an awesome pipa player. I'm in general more a fan of Japan but 
when it comes to traditional music these energetic pipa songs just rock!

And we also visited the wonderful insect collection.

Nature is one of my favourite concept artists

The rest of autumn we stayed inside and put our feet up while we ate banana popsicles, 
watched brash squirrels (so many squirrels on our balcony!), enjoyed the last warm days, 
watched cats in the cat cafĂ© again and visited the Dawson College for a little 
indie game exhibition.

                                                                                college kid

So nothing exciting.
- 70 EP for laziness....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Long time no reading.

Since two weeks I'm working as a concept artist on the upcoming game "Galaxy in Turmoil". 
So I have the hands full with stuff. But since this is a very colourful activity I thought about 
showing you some valicoloured pictures of Montreal.

When I took my first steps here I was amazed from all these nice houses you definitely can't 
find in Germany as far as I know. Here you have thousands of these beautiful designed 
homes which amazingly never have a strange colour combination. And they're all so different.





And that's not all. As we wandered through the streets sometimes, when we turned around 
a corner, there was a murral appearing, and there were popping up more and more. 
And about this I have to say something that is just my oppinion. 
I'm from Berlin, the city that attracts a lot of artists. Everyone who wants to paint, design, 
shape clay and so on goes to Berlin. But now, after I see the murrals (and tattooists by the way) 
in Montreal every day, I have absolutely no idea what the people see in Berlin. It's just a joke against this.


And that's still not all. 
The Montrealers have a huge respect for these murrals and every form of art. 
I couldn't find just one murral/graffity that was destroyed with tags from some idiots. None! 
And I found murrals from 2013 for example. They look like new. In Berlin something like that 
would have 24 hours in all his glory until some yobs would appear on the scene and scribble their names in fat letters all across it....

The murrals here are so awesome and there are so many of them that I want to give them an 
extra post in the near future. You just have to see them!

But till then I have to continue drawing sci-fi armors and for everyone who is interested in 
taking a look at the game, just follow the link.

Wish you a nice weekend.

+ 480 EP for Exploration
+ 200 EP for Painting
+ 320 EP for Awe